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Australian space launch, tracking public opinion & policing in the Pacific

Recently, we saw the third and final launch of a NASA rocket from Australia’s Arnhem Space Centre in the Northern Territory – the first successful sub-orbital rocket launch from an Australian commercial centre, and the first commercial launch ever by NASA outside of the United States. ASPI’s resident space-wonks Bec Shrimpton and Dr Malcolm Davis discuss the significance of these launches, what it means for the Australian space industry, and how the Australian government can support this industry’s development into an international and national asset.

Recently, the Lowy Institute released its annual poll, which captures Australian views of the world and current global issues, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China and climate. Fergus Ryan speaks to the author of the 2022 Poll, Natasha Kassam about the notable shifts in this year’s poll and what surprised her in the polling results. 

China’s recent security agreement with Solomon Islands gives Beijing the ability to send police and military forces to the Pacific nation. Dr John Coyne speaks to Senator Vern White about the risks associated with China playing a bigger role in the region’s policing, and the important role Australia and its partners play in policing in the Pacific.