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The Sydney Dialogue 2023

The Sydney Dialogue 2023

ASPI is pleased to present the second Sydney Dialogue for emerging, critical, cyber and space technologies, which will be held in-person for the first time on 4-5 April 2023.

The Sydney Dialogue is the premier international forum on cyber and critical technologies, bringing together the top thinkers and decision-makers from governments, industry, academia and civil society for strategic-level discussion and debates.

First held in 2021, the Dialogue recognises that technology is reshaping societies and economies in every part of the world, and nowhere is that more acute than in the Indo-Pacific region. It is being developed and applied so fast, within an increasingly intense geopolitical landscape, that neither laws nor international consensus on rules and norms are keeping up.

The rapid innovation in cyber, artificial intelligence, big data, biotechnology, space and quantum computing create enormous opportunities for solving urgent, real-world problems and for establishing sectors of the economy not previously imagined. However, the pace of growth and innovation carries risks, such as the misuse of technology by rogue and authoritarian states and criminal organisations.

Catching up with technology’s advance requires a coordinated global response. This is why The Sydney Dialogue is once again bringing leading players together to discuss the opportunities and risks of critical and emerging technologies, and ultimately find solutions that ensure technology is used for the benefit of all people, consistent with human rights and democratic values.

The Sydney Dialogue 2023 will cover a range of current and emerging issues including:

  • Cyber and digital governance
  • Space and the geopolitical implications of expanding human activity off-earth
  • Technological game changers
  • Technologies that shape war
  • Technological competition and strategic advantage
  • The role of technology in advancing human rights, climate action and human security

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Please note, this event is through invitation only.

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