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Thinking and Communicating Outside the Box

Professional Development Program: Thinking and Communicating Outside the Box

Speakers Timothy Daly

ASPI is pleased to partner with Australia’s most internationally-produced playwright, Timothy Daly to deliver a highly-original and innovative series of training initiatives designed for business, government and private sector executive employees based in Canberra.

Thinking and Communicating Outside the Box is a two-day training course that’s completely different from Canberra’s normal training offerings. In many cases, professional development programs simply involve the participants absorbing, mindlessly, a mass of pre-ordained procedures and instructions. Thinking and Communicating Outside the Box reverses that process in a fresh, and highly-original way.

This specially-designed course trains the individual in a range of imaginative and cognitive exercises designed to intensively develop the following skills:

  • Innovative thinking
  • Original analysis & problem solving
  • Creative flair in written & spoken expression
  • Persuasive speaking skills

Using a variety of intensive training techniques, Thinking and Communicating Outside the Box aims to develop the imaginative and intellectual skills that produce exceptional employees capable of dealing with complex problems in government, business and private enterprise.

This program is a must for all public and private sector leaders!

Cost: $2,090.00 (GST included) - click here to purchase your tickets.
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Timothy Daly

Timothy Daly facilitates ASPI’s ‘Thinking Outside the Box’ professional development course.