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Australia's national semiconductor moonshot: securing semiconductor talent

Speakers Bronte Munro, Alex Capri, Robert Clark and Dr Alex Caples

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute invites you to attend a public webinar exploring our recent report, 'Australia's national semiconductor moonshot: securing semiconductor talent'.

The event will take place on Tuesday 14 November at 5pm EST (United States)/ Wednesday 15 November at 9am AEDT (Australia).

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The research, which builds on ASPI’s 2022 report ‘Australia's semiconductor national moonshot’, highlights opportunities for Australia to develop a talent pipeline to support a sovereign semiconductor-manufacturing capability.

It also identifies global human capital challenges and explores the ways global trends towards public–private partnerships can be used to address such challenges.

To secure the expertise needed to kickstart Australia’s semiconductor-manufacturing moonshot, the report recommends Australia should look to emulate friend-shoring practices within the so-called ‘Chip 4’ alliance and identify opportunities to generate mutual supply-chain security with trusted partners through the AUKUS security partnership and the Quad.

Australia’s states and territories should also lead in championing the strengths of their industrial and academic systems and develop incentives for investment from foreign manufacturers. At the federal level, policy that signals support for semiconductor-manufacturing investment, talent-pipeline development and funding for industry development is also needed.

Join report authors Bronte Munro, Alex Capri and Dr Robert Clark, along with Dr Alex Caples who will moderate the event, as they discuss the report’s findings and bring together global perspectives from policymakers, industry and academia to begin driving the practical implementation of the report's recommendations.

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Bronte Munro

Bronte Munro is an Analyst in the ASPI Washington DC office.

Alex Capri

Alex Capri is a Research Fellow at the Hinrich Foundation, based in Singapore, where he also teaches at the National University of Singapore in the Business School and at the Lee Kuan Yew School of

Robert Clark

Robert Clark was a former Senior Fellow at ASPI.

Dr Alex Caples

Dr Alex Caples is Director of The Sydney Dialogue, ASPI's annual summit for critical, emerging and cyber technologies.