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ASPI Education

ASPI Education aims to help you improve your judgement through short professional development courses that focus on policy making, thinking skills and strategic analysis.

Our courses are highly interactive, delivered to small groups and tailored to audience needs. We combine ASPI’s significant research base on defence and national security with specially-developed authentic learning experiences.

These experiences will take you into different work-like contexts where you’ll grapple with exciting and relevant policy challenges, guided by some of Australia’s most experienced policy practitioners and thinkers on these subjects.

ASPI Better Policy

Better Policy is a tailored program for government officials involved in policymaking. It is suitable for all levels of the organisation, and is useful for people involved across all aspects of policymaking, from those in intelligence or scanning roles through to those implementing and evaluating policy.

The general aims of Better Policy are to enhance each participant’s understanding of Australian policymaking processes and to build each participant’s policymaking skills.

This highly interactive program can be tailored for different audiences, and is currently available for Defence and Emergency Management professionals.

Currently the Better Policy program is available in two guises; 

Enquiries from organisations interested in the Better Policy Program can be sent to [email protected]