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Rochelle Fittler

Senior Fellow

Contact information

Contact information


Intelligence and security analysis


Rochelle joined ASPI’s Professional Development Centre in March 2021. Rochelle is a leadership coach and consultant, and former senior executive in the Australian Public Service, where she spent more than 20 years working in the Defence Portfolio. During this time, she developed expertise in intelligence and security domains, building upon the foundation of her early years a technical intelligence analyst.

Rochelle led the establishment of ASD’s Enterprise Technology Division, and the release of the organisation’s first Enterprise Technology Strategy in 2019. Prior to that, she established and led ASD’s counter terrorism branch, and its significant contribution to whole-of-government counter terrorism activities and operations.

She has performed short- and long-term representational roles overseas for Defence, and has led Australian contributions to a number of multi-national activities and operations. Her leadership experience also includes analytic capability, operations, policy and governance roles.

Rochelle maintains a keen interest in technology leadership, and is currently completing a Master of Leadership through Deakin University, with a research focus on the role of technology leaders in addressing the complex challenges of the public sector in Australia.