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Dr Jacob Wallis

Former Staff

Contact information

Contact information


Influence operations, disinformation campaigns and election interference.


Dr Jake Wallis was the Head of Program, Information Operations and Disinformation with ASPI's International Cyber Policy Centre.

Jake’s PhD explored how politically-motivated groups mobilise across online networks. Following completion, he worked on extremist groups’ use of social media under the Australian Army Research and Development Scheme, and contributed to NATO’s Innovation Hub. Before joining ASPI, Jake worked in government on national security issues.

At ASPI, Jake works closely with international government entities, civil society and the major social media platforms on countering disinformation and malign information operations by state and non-state actors. These partnerships have produced internationally-recognised analysis of the People’s Republic of China’s disinformation and coercive statecraft such as Retweeting through the Great Firewall. Jake has appeared at Parliament House on invitation from the Senate Select Committee on Foreign Interference through Social Media to provide expert testimony on COVID-19 misinformation. His analysis of large-scale disinformation and propaganda campaigns linked to the People’s Republic of China has featured in The Financial Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Sydney Morning Herald, Bloomberg, CNN, and The South China Morning Post.

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