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Hillary Mansour

Research Intern

Contact information


Hillary is a Research Intern at ASPI.

Her research focuses on Indonesia’s role in current and future Indo-Pacific strategy, including Indonesian public and foreign policy, health security, democratic governance, economics and infrastructure, as well as internal cohesion and dissent. She has published with The Strategist on Indonesia’s Covid-19 response.

Her broader research interests include Southeast Asian political institutions, Chinese soft-power diplomacy, counter-terrorism, human rights, climate change, and maritime strategy in the Indo-Pacific region.

She holds a Combined Honours Degree in History and Indonesian Studies, a Diploma of Languages in Indonesian, and a Bachelor of Arts in Ancient World Studies, from the University of Melbourne. She has also studied at Boston College, Gadjah Mada University, Udayana University and Parahyangan University.

Prior to joining ASPI, Hillary taught at the University of Melbourne Asia Institute and the Australia Indonesia Association Victoria (AIAV).