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Graeme Dobell

Senior Fellow

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Graeme Dobell, a journalist since 1971, has been reporting on Australian and international politics, foreign affairs and defence, and the Asia Pacific since 1975. He is Journalist Fellow with the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, writing for ASPI’s blog, The Strategist.

From 2008 to 2012, he was Journalist Fellow at the Lowy Institute for International Policy.

Starting as a newspaper journalist in 1971 in Melbourne on The Herald, Graeme joined the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s international service, Radio Australia, in 1975 and concentrated on politics and international affairs, serving as a correspondent in Canberra, Europe, America and throughout Asia and the Pacific.

Graeme was the ABC’s radio correspondent in Singapore and did several stints as the Canberra-based Foreign Affairs & Defence Correspondent for Radio Australia from 1978 to 2008, reporting also for ABC radio news and current affairs programs and ABC television. He worked as a journalist in the Parliamentary Press Gallery in Canberra in 1978-81, 1986-89 and 1991-2008.

In reporting on Asia, Graeme covered the security dialogue of the ASEAN Regional Forum, the East Asia Summit and a dozen APEC summits. Assignments in his career as a correspondent have included the Falklands War, coups in Fiji, Thailand and the Philippines, Beijing after the crushing of the pro-democracy movement in Tiananmen Square and the return of Hong Kong to China.

He was a member of ASPI’s Independent Task Force on relations with the South Pacific which reported in 2008 and in 2011 was a member of the Independent Task Force convened by ASPI and the Foundation for Development Cooperation to report on National Security and Australia’s aid program.

His writings for ASPI include “Back to the Future” in the 2004 report “Scoping Studies – New thinking on security”; “Pacific Power Plays” in the 2008 report on “Australia and the South Pacific – rising to the challenge”;  and in  2011, the Policy Analysis “PNG’s golden era: political and security challenges in PNG and their implications.”

He is the author of the book Australia Finds Home — the Choices and Chances of an Asia Pacific Journey, published in 2000.  In 2011, he was made a Fellow of the Australian Institute of International Affairs “for his distinguished contribution to journalism through his reporting on politics and international affairs.”