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The Submarine Choice: ASPI's International Conference, Canberra

Speaker: Experts from Australia and around the world
Venue: The Hyatt Hotel, Canberra
RSVP: 1st January 2000

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8th Apr 2014 6:30pm 10th Apr 2014 4:30pm

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Watch the full conference on ASPI's YouTube channel

As the government moves closer to deciding on Australia’s Future Submarine, this conference brought together senior policy-makers, high-level military officials, leading industry representatives and academics from Australia and around the world to discuss key aspects of what will arguably be the most expensive and technologically complex defence capability project in the history of the nation.

The goal of this conference was to share different perspectives on the Future Submarine's strategic, economic and industry dimensions with a view to informing government’s decision-making process. ASPI's international conference was a tremendous success, providing great networking opportunities and exposure for attendants to the ‘who’s who’ of the submarine world.

For further information, contact Ms Lynne Gozzard, ASPI's events manager, at lynnegozzard@aspi.org.au or on +61 2 6270 5109.

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Download presentation slides and other conference documents below:

Birkler: Building the right industry skills - slides - PDF (6.6 MB)
Cocking: Systems Integration - slides - PDF (3.4 MB)
Coles: Lessons from the past - slides - PDF (861.4 KB)
Davies: Trends in submarine and anti-submarine warfare - slides - PDF (575.3 KB)
du Che: French strategy for submarines - slides - PDF (1.7 MB)
Edmonds: The new design option - slides - PDF (1.2 MB)
Gould: The view from the top - slides - PDF (686.0 KB)
Mahnken: Naval strategy under conditions of anti-access & area-denial - PDF (297.6 KB)
Sammut: Where do Australia's submarines need to operate? - slides - PDF (1.5 MB)
Sawyer: The role of submarines in US Pacific strategy - slides - PDF (513.2 KB)
Winter: Systems integration - slides - PDF (87.8 KB)
Conference Agenda - PDF (4.8 MB)
Speech from Minister for Defence Senator David Johnston - PDF (497.8 KB)