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WDSN Panel: Freedom of Speech in a Fake News World

Speakers: Rachael Falk, Nicole Buskiewicz and Karen Middleton

The increasingly prominent role of social media in the international dissemination of news and information has changed the modern media landscape. This democratisation of media has been a positive development in many ways. It has changed the meaning and impact of freedom of speech, empowering previously overlooked minority groups and making governments accountable to an independent mass media movement. However, it has also provided a platform for the dissemination of highly subjective, factually incorrect and purposeful misinformation. Discerning real information from fake news is becoming more challenging as falsehoods are passed off as 'alternative facts'.

In this new complex context, what responsibility do social media companies have over the information their service propagates? Do companies like Facebook and Twitter have a role to play in weeding out the fake from the real news? And if so, how do we protect the right to freedom of speech in a fake news world?


  • Rachael Falk, Director, Technology, Security & Strategy at au.DA (moderator)
  • Nicole Buskiewicz, Managing Director at Digital Industry Group Inc 
  • Karen Middleton, Chief Political Correspondent at The Saturday Paper 

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