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State of the Region 2018 Masterclass Melbourne

Speakers The Hon Richard Marles MP , The Honourable Kim Beazley AC, Peter Jennings, Georgina Downer, Isaac Kfir, Huong Le Thu, Malcolm Davis, Danielle Cave, Dr Leonid Petrov, Rod Lyon, Mr Richard Sadleir, Professor Philomena Murray and Dr Alexey D. Muraviev



The State of the Region Masterclass is a one-day intensive program providing a strategic update and outlook for the year ahead.

A team of Australia’s leading defence and security experts will explore the critical issues and challenges facing the region.


  • Mr Andrew Hastie MP, Federal Member for Canning 
    Welcome Remarks
  • Mr Richard Sadleir, First Assistant Secretary International Security Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 
    Implementing the DFAT White Paper 
  • Mr Peter Jennings, Executive Director, ASPI
    Strategic overview for the year ahead 
  • Ms Georgina Downer, Adjunct Fellow, Institute of Public Affairs
    ASEAN and plurilateralism in the region
  • Dr Isaac Kfir, Director of National Security Programs and Head of Counter-Terrorism Policy Centre, ASPI
    Terrorism in the region - the year ahead 
  • Dr Malcolm Davis, Senior Analyst, ASPI
    Asia-Pacific Update: Japan 
  • Dr Huong Le Thu, Senior Analyst, ASPI 
    Asia-Pacific Update: China 
  • Ms Danielle Cave, Senior Analyst, International Cyber Policy Centre, ASPI
    Cyber in the region - the year ahead 
  • Dr Rod Lyon, Senior Fellow
    North Korea
  • Dr Leonid Petrov, Visiting Fellow, School of Culture, History and Language, College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University
    North Korea
  • The Hon Kim Beazley AC, Distinguished Fellow, ASPI
    Panel: How the major powers engage with the Asia-Pacific 
  • Prof Philomena Murray, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne 
    Panel: How the major powers engage with the Asia-Pacific 
  • Associate Professor Alexey D Muraviev, School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry, Curtin University 
    Panel: How the major powers engage with the Asia-Pacific
  • The Hon Richard Marles MP, Shadow Minister for Defence, Parliament of Australia 
    Keynote Address

The Masterclass will conclude with a drinks and canape reception.

ASPI would like to acknowledge Engineers Australia's kind support of the State of the Region 2018 Melbourne Masterclass


The Hon Richard Marles MP

Richard Marles is currently the Shadow Minister for Defence and the Federal Member for Corio.

The Honourable Kim Beazley AC

Kim Beazley is a Distinguished Senior Fellow at ASPI. 

Mr Beazley was elected to the Federal Parliament in 1980 and represented the electorates of Swan (1980-96) and Brand (1996-2007). 

Peter Jennings

Peter Jennings was the executive director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) from May 2012 to May 2022.

Georgina Downer

Georgina Downer is an Adjunct Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs.

Isaac Kfir

Isaac Kfir was Deputy Director of the Defence, Strategy and National Security program and Head of the Counter-terrorism policy centre until the end of 2019.

Huong Le Thu

Dr Huong Le Thu was a senior analyst at ASPI, Defence and Strategy Program.

Malcolm Davis

Dr. Malcolm Davis joined ASPI as a Senior Analyst in Defence Strategy and Capability in January 2016.

Danielle Cave

Danielle is Director - Executive, Strategy and Research.

Dr Leonid Petrov

Leonid Petrov graduated from the Department of Oriental Studies, St. Petersburg State University in 1994, where he majored in Korean History and Language.

Rod Lyon

Dr Rod Lyon is a Senior Fellow - International Strategy. Rod was most recently a Senior Analyst with ASPI.

Mr Richard Sadleir

Mr Sadleir commenced as the First Assistant Secretary, International Security Division at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) in April 2016.

Professor Philomena Murray

Philomena Murray is Professor in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne.

Dr Alexey D. Muraviev

Dr Alexey D. Muraviev is an Associate Professor of National Security and Strategic Studies at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia.