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Quad Technology Business & Investment Forum

Quad Technology Business and Investment Forum

ASPI is pleased to present the inaugural ‘Quad Technology Business and Investment Forum’ (the Forum).

At the Quad Leaders’ Summit in Tokyo earlier this year, Leaders committed to convening the Forum, with Australia to host the first event. 

The Forum will explore the dramatic shifts taking place in the development of critical and emerging technologies and identify ways to better harness them. It will also identify new pathways for Quad partners to come together to collaborate with business, industry and each other.

The current generation of critical and emerging technologies is no longer just taking place in government controlled and funded settings, but increasingly through commercial activities.

The Forum will explore how Quad partners can support and accelerate the commercial engine generating these technologies, with a focus on artificial intelligence, biotechnology and quantum technology. It will also be a platform for focussed discussions on high-impact collaboration on strategic challenges, policy options, and harnessing innovation between Quad partners.

Please note: this event is through invitation only - contact Erin Egan, Assistant Director, The Sydney Dialogue, for further information: [email protected]