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Public Address by Dr Michael Kimmel

Speakers Dr Michael Kimmel

ASPI is delighted to invite you to attend a public address by Dr Michael Kimmel.

Dr Kimmel is an American sociologist specialising in gender studies and one of the world’s leading experts on men and masculinities. As part of his Australia tour, Dr Kimmel will be making an exclusive appearance at ASPI to speak about his new book, ‘Healing from Hate: How Young Men Get Into and Out of Violent Extremism’ and his research on masculinity and extremism.

Date: 9 July, 2018
Venue: Level 2, 40 Macquarie St, Barton ACT 2600
Time: 1730 -1930

By the time Matthias was in seventh grade, he felt he’d better belong to some group, lest he be alone and vulnerable. The punks and anarchists were identifiable by their tattoos and hairstyles and music. But it was the skinheads who captured his imagination. They had great parties, and everyone seemed afraid of them. “They really represented what it meant to be a strong man,” he said.

What draws young men into violent extremist groups? What are the ideologies that inspire them to join? And what are the emotional bonds forged that make it difficult to leave, even when they want to?

Having conducted in-depth interviews with ex–white nationalists and neo-Nazis in the United States, as well as ex-skinheads and ex-neo-Nazis in Germany and Sweden, renowned sociologist Dr Michael Kimmel demonstrates the pernicious effects that constructions of masculinity have on these young recruits. Dr Kimmel unveils how white extremist groups wield masculinity to recruit and retain members—and to prevent them from exiting the movement. Young men in these groups often feel a sense of righteous indignation, seeing themselves as victims, their birthright upended in a world dominated by political correctness. Offering the promise of being able to "take back their manhood," these groups leverage stereotypes of masculinity to manipulate despair into white supremacist and neo-Nazi hatred.

Dr Kimmel combines individual stories with a multiangled analysis of the structural, political, and economic forces that marginalize these men so as to shed light on their feelings. 

The public address by Dr Kimmel will be followed by a moderated Q&A with the audience, with a drinks and canape reception concluding the event.


Dr Michael Kimmel

Michael Kimmel is a distinguished author and one of the world’s leading experts on men and masculinities.