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Launch: China Defence Universities Tracker

Speakers Alex Joske, Professor Jill Slay AM, Professor John Fitzgerald , Jamie Tarabay and John Garnaut

ASPI's International Cyber Policy Centre invites you to attend the launch of the 'China Defence Universities Tracker’ by Alex Joske.

The tracker is a comprehensive resource on the defence and security links of over 160 Chinese universities and research institutions. The tracker will take the form of a publicly available website accompanied by a report that explains the database’s findings and recommends policies in response to them. The project aims to improve the ability of governments, universities and researchers to understand collaboration with the PRC and raise the standard of risk-management and due-diligence work carried out by universities.

To consider the policy implications of the tracker, ASPI has convened the following expert panel:

  • Alex Joske, Analyst, International Cyber Policy Centre, ASPI 
  • Professor Jill Slay AM, Optus Chair of Cyber Security, La Trobe University
  • Professor John Fitzgerald, Emeritus Professor, Centre for Social Impact, Swinburne University of Technology
  • John Garnaut, Advisor
  • Jamie Tarabay, Correspondent, The New York Times (Chair)

A drinks and canapes reception will conclude the event. 

Image by Badiucao


Alex Joske

Alex Joske was an Analyst who worked with ASPI's International Cyber Policy Centre from August 2018 to December 2020.

Professor Jill Slay AM

Professor Jill Slay is Optus Chair of Cyber Security at La Trobe University and leads the Optus La Trobe Cyber Security Hub.

Professor John Fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald is Emeritus Professor in the Centre for Social Impact at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne where he headed the Asia-Pac

Jamie Tarabay

Jamie Tarabay is a correspondent for The New York Times based in Sydney, Australia.

John Garnaut

John Garnaut is a consultant to Australian government and private clients where he advises on political risks for internationally engaged corporations and institutions.