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 Indigi-Cyber Camp for Kids Banner

IndigiCyber Camp for Kids

ASPI’s International Cyber Policy Centre warmly invites you to attend our inaugural Indigi-Cyber Camp for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids.

Indigi-Cyber Camp is an initiative that is being led by ASPI and local Indigenous business Yerra, in partnership with SecuriDay, to give opportunity for Indigenous youths to engage with I.T and Cyber in a fun and interesting way that will encourage future participation in I.T.

Indigi-Cyber Camp will incorporate games and lessons that will stimulate creativity and innovation in the participants and we hope that this will develop in such a way that Indigenous Australian culture will be underpinned throughout the program to make it educational and culturally appropriate.

Children from the ages of 9-13 years are encouraged to register.



1000 - Arrive and Welcome

1030 - Workshop 1: Physical Security
How do locks work, and why do some keys not work as well as others? In this workshop everyone gets some hands-on experience understanding the importance of physical security.

1130 - Morning Tea

1145 - Workshop 2: Cyber Safety
The cyber safety presentation sensitively covers a range of topics including password management, your identity on the web, with real case studies and student interaction.

1245 - Lunch

1315 - Workshop 3: Digital Traces
The internet is effectively a huge database of everything with lots of data. When you focus on a particular subject, you can trace its digital footprint. This workshop explores the traceability and potential impact of digital footprints.

1415 - Break

1420 - Workshop 4: Cybergames
Capture the flag games are puzzles based on real world information security vulnerabilities. Race against the clock solving complex and fun exercises gathering ‘flags’ to earn points.

1520 - Conclusion and Awards!


Information for parents:

• Please arrive between 1000 and 1015 in the Questacon foyer. An ASPI volunteer will meet you and bring you up to the Indigi-Cyber Camp room.

• Lunch and snacks will be provided for the day. If your child has specific dietary requirements please let us know when you register.

• It is strongly encouraged that you stay with your child for the duration of the event. Our volunteers are not babysitters.

• On arrival, we will ask for your permission to take photos and videos of your child for promotional purposes. You will be required to sign a slip that will/will not give us these permissions.

• After the conclusion of the event, the participating child, their siblings and parents are welcome to explore Questacon. As per Questacon’s code of conduct, a parent must be present at this time.

• We follow Questacon’s code of conduct.