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Semiconductors Branding

How Australia and the United States can secure semiconductor supply chains

Speakers Alex Capri and Bronte Munro

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute Washington DC and the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia facilitated a joint hybrid roundtable 'How Australia and the United States can secure semiconductor supply chains'. This event was largely informed by the recommendations made in ASPI's recent report 'Australia's semiconductor national moonshot', which placed strong emphasis on the importance of public-private partnerships for securing semiconductor supply chains. 

Semiconductors underpin the majority of the capabilities required to protect Australia and the United States' mutual strategic interests. We convened senior individuals from across the Australian and United States government, industry, and academic thought leaders to facilitate discussion around how the alliance between Australia and the United States can be leveraged to support secure semiconductor supply chains. The aim of the event was to be as constructive as possible in facilitating public-private sector discussion from which clear issues, opportunities, and next steps for securing semiconductor supply chains within the alliance ecosystem can be derived.

This event was an invitation-only roundtable.


Alex Capri

Alex Capri is a Research Fellow at the Hinrich Foundation, based in Singapore, where he also teaches at the National University of Singapore in the Business School and at the Lee Kuan Yew School of

Bronte Munro

Bronte Munro is an Analyst in the ASPI Washington DC office.