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Exploring China’s ‘Maritime Consciousness’: public opinion on the South and East China Sea disputes

Speakers: A panel of experts

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Speakers include:Andrew Chubb (UWA), Gordon Flake (Perth USAsia Centre), Dr Rod Lyon and Dr Benjamin Schreer (ASPI)   

There are few security issues in Asia today as sensitive or as dangerous as the ongoing maritime boundary and territorial disputes in the East and South China Seas. ASPI and Perth USAsia Centre are proud to co-host this event in which Andrew Chubb will present the results of The China Maritime Disputes Public Opinion Survey that aims to measure and track the attitudes of urban Chinese residents on the South China Sea and Diaoyu Islands issues. The Survey covers public opinions including confidence in the government’s performance, China’s claims and the PLA’s capabilities. The presentation will be followed by a lively panel discussion with ASPI senior analysts about the implications of these results for China and regional stability. 

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