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An evening with Dr Nathalie Tocci

Speakers: Dr Nathalie Tocci

Dr. Nathalie Tocci delivered an in depth speech on The European Union’s new Global Strategy, Shared Vision, Common Action: A Stronger Europe.

Dr. Tocci discussed the context, content, process and actions that influenced and shaped the creation of the strategy.

The strategy acknowledges that Europe must engage with an interconnected world but does not have to do so via realpolitik. Dr Tocci outlined the need for resiliency in European economics, security and society. She discussed Europe building a platform from which to ‘grow up’ and provide more of its independent security needs following criticism from the US. She stressed that whilst Europe would not be building a standing army, it would be strengthening its cooperation and reforming its institutions to facilitate the construction of new capabilities and responses to issues such as cyber security, hybrid warfare, counter-terrorism and border security.

Dr. Tocci concluded by discussing Europe’s look to Asia for continued prosperity and the European stake in a secure and stable Asia.