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Designing for Resilient Energy Systems

Speakers Hon Trish White , Paul Barnes, Neil Greet, Clare Paynter and Alan Reid

ASPI and Engineers Australia are pleased to invite you to attend the launch of the Special Report ‘Designing for Resilient Energy Systems: (Choices in future engineering)'. The report will be launched by The Hon Trish White, the National President and Chair of the Board of Engineers Australia, followed by a panel discussion with three of the report’s authors: Clare Paynter, Alan Reid and Neil Greet.

A significant global trend is under way towards transitioning from the use of carboniferous fuels (coal and oil), as a predominant source of electricity generation, towards the use of renewable sources.

This new electricity landscape has been described as a prime example of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - resulting from a convergence of ‘game changing’ technologies such as distributed storage and generation, smart meters and smart appliances. It has been estimated that adoption of new [on the] “edge of the grid” technologies globally could bring more than $2.4 trillion of value creation for society and the industry over the next 10 years, by increasing the efficiency of the overall system, optimizing capital allocation and providing new services for customers.

But what do young Australian engineers who have inherited our present world think about the challenges of designing resilient energy systems within the parameters of new and emerging technologies? 

Commissioned by Engineers Australia this report presents the thoughts of a selection of four young engineers invited to write about innovative energy design projects they are currently working on and/or their views on the challenges they foresee as part of the design of future energy systems. 

A canapes and drinks reception will conclude the event.

This event is generously sponsored by Engineers Australia



Hon Trish White

Trish White is National President and Chair of the Board of Engineers Australia.

Paul Barnes

Dr Paul Barnes is a Senior Fellow and was previously Head of the Risk and Resilience Program at ASPI.

Neil Greet

Neil is the owner of the consultancy Collaborative Outcomes which provides strategic advice on resiliency and humanitarian action to Federal and State Government, Industry and non

Clare Paynter

Clare is an experienced engineer and AEMO graduate programme alumni with extensive power system modelling capabilities and experience, and well-devel

Alan Reid

Alan is the Business Development Manager at Reposit Power.