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Big Data in National Security

Speakers Ms Clare O'Neil MP

ASPI, together with DXC Technology, hosted an event to launch the new report Big Data in National Security by Michael Chi. The report was launched by Ms Clare O’Neil MP, Shadow Minister for Justice and Member for Hotham.

Introducing the highly complex topic, Ms O’Neil highlighted the potential that algorithms and big data analysis can have. She provided several examples ranging from big data shaping opinions to predicting criminal behaviour and empowering potential victims. However, as the audience learned, the risks of big data analysis being wrong and causing false outcomes shouldn’t be overlooked.

Subsequently, Mr. Michael Chi, presented the main findings of his report. The new Strategic Insights on Big Data in National Security, provides a high-level summary of how big data capabilities can be used and should be managed by the national security community. ASPI’s Big Data in National Security Online Resource provides a more detailed analysis of the key concepts, trends, and challenges of this vexing policy issue. One of Mr. Chi’s main concerns is the legal situation of privacy and data laws in Australia, which doesn’t provide the same quality as for instance the EU. 

The research was conducted with the support and sponsorship of DXC Technology, formerly CSC Australia.

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Ms Clare O'Neil MP

Clare O'Neil was elected to the Parliament as the Federal Member for Hotham in 2013, and was re-elected in 2016.