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Beyond the Sandpit: Counterterrorism and resilience in an age of strategic competition

Beyond the Sandpit: Counterterrorism and resilience in an age of strategic competition

Speakers Saad Mohseni, Siobhan Heanue, Matt Anderson, Katja Theodorakis and Justin Bassi

ASPI is pleased to invite you to the event ‘Beyond the sandpit: Counterterrorism and resilience in an age of strategic competition’.

Australia, with its allies and partners, established comprehensive counterterrorism regimes in response to the threats of the 9/11 era, with Afghanistan as a key theatre. With much of the world occupied with major power competition and global threats posed by authoritarianism, Afghans now face a jarring disconnect between the hopes and expectations built during the 20 years of the Global War on Terror, and the realities of the return to Taliban rule.

As we approach the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it is important to ask how we can translate the lessons and gains of the GWOT into a forward-looking, resilience-focused approach that ensures continued support and engagement with Afghan civil society while also addressing long-term security and stability concerns.

Following an introduction by ASPI’s Executive Director Justin Bassi, the event will begin with a keynote address by Saad Mohseni, Director of MOBY Group. Following the address, Siobhan Heanue (Journalist, ABC News) and Matt Anderson PSM (Director, Australian War Memorial) will join ASPI’s Katja Theodorakis for a discussion on building the partnerships needed for a sustainable and secure Afghanistan, learning from history and ensuring countries like Australia are not so distracted by other domestic and international challenges that they miss developments surrounding terrorism and extremism.

Please note this is a hybrid event with the opportunity to attend in person or online. For guests attending in person, the event will be followed by a reception.

To join online, register here.
To attend in person, register via the ‘register’ button above.


Saad Mohseni

Saad Mohseni, co-founder and Chairman of MOBY Group, has brought top tier news and media content to emerging and frontier markets over the past two decades.

Siobhan Heanue

Siobhan Heanue is a former foreign correspondent for ABC News and current video journalist for ABC North Queensland.

Matt Anderson

Mr Matt Anderson PSM commenced as Director of the Australian War Memorial in April 2020.

Katja Theodorakis

Katja Theodorakis was the Head of ASPI's Counterterrorism program until early 2023.

Justin Bassi

Justin Bassi is the Executive Director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.