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Australia and Indonesia: Getting back on track

Speakers: Moderated by Peter Jennings

Panel Members: 

  • Mr Bill Farmer—Former Australian Ambassador to Indonesia
  • Mr Allan Behm—Former head of the Strategy and International Policy divisions in the Department of Defence
  • Associate Professor Greg Fealy—Senior Fellow, Bell School of Asia-Pacific Affairs
  • Mr Graeme Dobell—Journalist Fellow, Australian Strategic Policy Institute
  • Ms Natalie Sambhi—Analyst, Australian Strategic Policy Institute
Moderated by Peter Jennings, PSM—Executive Director, Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Topics for discussion:

  • How do we get relations into a better state?
  • How should we approach our strategic relationship with Indonesia?
  • What is the minimum acceptable relationship?
  • What is the standard by which we judge the success of our relationship with Jakarta? And what early steps should we take to move the relationship to a more positive track.

Watch the full video of the event or read An optimist's toast for Australia and Indonesia by Graeme Dobell, a blog post adapted from this event.