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ASPI White Ensign Dinner 2015 - Chief of Navy VADM Tim Barrett

Speakers: VADM Tim Barrett and Chief of Navy

On Wednesday 25th November, ASPI and Lockheed Martin hosted the annual Chief of Navy’s White Ensign Dinner.

The event was opened by Mr Peter Jennings of ASPI, and the Chief of Navy was introduced by Raydon Gates, Chief Executive of Lockheed Martin Australia and New Zealand.

Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Tim Barrett, proposed that the RAN is entering a new era and creating a new ‘fifth generation’ naval force.

Vice Admiral Barrett addressed the Navy’s recent successes and its future challenges. The HMAS Hobart Air Warfare Destroyer was launched in May, and the keel was laid for HMAS Sydney just one week ago. The government has committed to a continuous build of surface vessels in South Australia, starting with the Armidale- and ANZAC-class replacements. Although the scheduled start dates of 2018 and 2020 will present organisational challenges, Vice Admiral Barrett argues that a continuous build presents an opportunity for innovation and evolution in the future RAN fleet.

RAN has also managed to improve the availability of the Collins submarine fleet significantly in recent years, and lessons learned will help inform the government’s Competitive Evaluation Process for the future submarine replacement.

The Vice Admiral also mentioned the opportunities for ADF inter-service cooperation presented by the introduction of the Canberra-class. He encouraged innovation in the ADF, and emphasised the value of the personnel in helping create the next generation RAN fleet.

You can read a copy of the Vice Admiral's speech on the Navy website