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ASPI Webinar: The road from 9/11: The evolution of counter-terrorism and extremism

ASPI Webinar: The road from 9/11: The evolution of counterterrorism and extremism

Speakers The Hon Karen Andrews MP, Roger Noble, Peter Jennings, Dr Raihan Ismail and Katja Theodorakis

ASPI is delighted to invite you to the webinar ‘The road from 9/11: The evolution of counterterrorism and extremism’, featuring a keynote address by The Hon Karen Andrews MP, Minister for Home Affairs.

Marking the impact of 9/11 two decades on, this event will reflect on the ‘Global War on Terror (GWOT)’ era in order to shed light on the road ahead for countering terrorism and extremism. Whilst we need to accept terrorism’s enduring nature, we are also faced with its ever-shifting realities, and today’s world requires multi-faceted strategic responses that go beyond commitment to ‘degrading and destroying’ a designated external opponent, whether locally or globally.

The Taliban's sweeping return to power following US and Coalition forces' withdrawal from Afghanistan only gives more urgency to this inquiry: the resulting strategic uncertainty requires us to address difficult questions. At the same time, Australia's counterterrorism efforts and the regime established in response to the challenges of the 9/11 era can provide a solid base for future efforts. What have we learnt from the GWOT era that can be harnessed to meet the challenges of an evolving and dispersing threat landscape?

Following the Minister’s keynote address, ASPI’s Peter Jennings will be joined by panellists Mr Roger Noble AO DSC CSC, Ambassador for Counter-Terrorism; Dr Raihan Ismail from the Australian National University and Katja Theodorakis, Head of ASPI’s Counterterrorism Program, for a discussion on lessons learnt from the events of 9/11, the current state of terrorism across the globe, and the future security implications of this threat.

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The Hon Karen Andrews MP

The Hon Karen Andrews MP is the Minister for Home Affairs.

Roger Noble

Mr Noble was appointed as Australia's Ambassador for Counter-Terrorism on 18 February 2021.

Peter Jennings

Peter Jennings is a Senior Fellow and was the executive director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) from May 2012 to May 2022.

Dr Raihan Ismail

Dr Raihan Ismail is an ARC DECRA fellow and a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies, ANU.

Katja Theodorakis

Katja Theodorakis was the Head of ASPI's Counterterrorism program until early 2023.