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Benchmarking Critical Technology

ASPI Presents: Benchmarking Critical Technologies: Building an evidence base for an informed critical technologies strategy

Speakers Samantha Hoffman, Professor Tanya Monro, Louise Talbot, Karly Winkler and Bunro Shiozawa

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s International Cyber Policy Centre is delighted to invite you to the event 'Benchmarking Critical Technologies: Building an evidence base for an informed critical technologies strategy'.

Critical and emerging technologies underpin our futures, creating enormous opportunities and also potential risks to our national and security interests. This, and increasing strategic competition, have heightened the importance of policy formulation, collaboration and cooperation. The ability to measure relative strengths and weaknesses of a country, by weighing respective strategic objectives against technical achievements, is of paramount importance for countries. This is especially true as countries seek to resolve supply chain resilience problems underscored by the Covid-19 pandemic.

A new report by ASPI’s International Cyber Policy Centre - ‘Benchmarking Critical Technologies: Building an evidence base for an informed critical technologies strategy’ - examines the development of four key critical technologies across some of the world’s leaders and emerging leaders in critical technologies; Australia, China, India, Japan and the United States. The report focuses on biotechnology and energy sectors and seeks to better understand each country’s respective strengths, weaknesses and national capabilities.

Join report author Dr Samantha Hoffman for a discussion on the report's findings, including opportunities that could emerge from increased strategic collaboration on critical technology capabilities and policy formulation.

This event will include a moderated panel discussion with Professor Tanya Monro, Chief Defence Scientist; Louise Talbot, Deputy Coordinator, Critical Technology Policy and Coordination Office at Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet; Bunro Shiozawa, Innovation Strategy Coordinator, Energy Management, Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program and Dr Samantha Hoffman. The panel will be moderated by Karly Winkler, Senior Analyst with ASPI's International Cyber Policy Centre. 

This event will be followed by a reception. 

Please note: this is a hybrid event, with the option to attend in-person or online. 

  • To attend in-person, register via the 'register' button above.
  • To attend online, register here. 


Samantha Hoffman

Dr Samantha Hoffman is a Senior Analyst at ASPI. Her work explores the domestic and global implications of the Chinese Communist Party’s approach to state security.

Professor Tanya Monro

Professor Tanya Monro commenced as Chief Defence Scientist in March 2019.

Louise Talbot

Louise Talbot is the Deputy Coordinator of the Critical Technologies Policy Coordination Office at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in th

Karly Winkler

Karly was the Deputy Director of ASPI’s International Cyber Policy Centre during 2022. 

Bunro Shiozawa

Mr. Bunro Shiozawa is Innovation Strategy Coordinator, Energy Management within the Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP).