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ASPI-ICRC Workshop on Cyber Operations during Armed Conflicts

ASPI-ICRC Online Workshop on ‘Cyber Operations during Armed Conflict’: Humanitarian, Legal and Policy Imperatives

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) are delighted to host a joint workshop on ‘Cyber operations during armed conflict’.

At this online workshop, representatives from government, academia, the ICRC and ASPI will discuss the humanitarian, legal and policy perspectives of the use of cyber operations during armed conflict and how States can manage cyber operations during armed conflict. Attendance at this workshop is by invitation-only. 

Workshop participants will explore a range of issues related to cyber operations during armed conflict, including:

  • The use of military cyber capabilities in armed conflicts;
  • The policy measures and legal frameworks being implemented to avoid civilian harm during these operations; 
  • Relevance of the norms of responsible state behaviour in cyberspace for the protections of civilians during armed conflict.

On this page, you will find some relevant resource documents produced by the ICRC.