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ASPI – CNAS – RUSI | Trilateral AUKUS Dialogue

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute, the Center for a New American Security, and the Royal United Services Institute are pleased to convene our Trilateral AUKUS Dialogue on 17-18 June 2024 in Washington, DC.

The ASPI-CNAS-RUSI Trilateral AUKUS Dialogue is an initiative across leading Australian, American, and British think tanks to hold robust, pragmatic, and principled conversations about AUKUS and related national security and defense policies.

This year’s Trilateral AUKUS Dialogue will explore the strategic landscape of the Indo-Pacific, regional perspectives on AUKUS, and critical issues regarding tech diplomacy, technology sharing, and legislative environments necessary to deliver capabilities to meet the pact’s purposes for enhancing deterrence in the Indo-Pacific.

Participants will consider new ways to understand the dynamic strategic problem set facing the three partner countries and consider how to align each AUKUS partner’s strategic objectives with policy and resources. The Trilateral Dialogue aims to sharpen an integrated approach between AUKUS defense strategists, providers who deliver capabilities, and warfighters in the physical terrain.

The Trilateral Dialogue will bring together policymakers, senior defense officials, leading industry actors, and notable strategic thinkers for a Track 1.5 discussion across the two-day event.

Our joint program will focus on the deterrence challenge for each AUKUS partner country and will draw out insights that can shape and inform policy. The Trilateral Dialogue will tap into the deep and diverse skillset and applied knowledge of the participants who have rich experience in understanding and developing policies, capabilities, and operationalizing plans to achieve effects.

Please join us for a public event the morning of June 21st that will highlight the key take-aways from the June 20th private discussions and feature special keynote speakers.

Registration for the public event opens shortly so watch this space for more announcements.