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Agenda for Change 2016 publication launch

Speakers: Laura Tingle

In the period leading up to the 2013 election, ASPI released an incoming government brief – ‘Agenda for Change – Strategic Choices for the Next Government.’ This document allowed ASPI to have a clear voice on defence and strategic issues that shaped the debate over Australia’s defence policy and national security during that election.

With the next general election called for July 2 2016, ASPI has decided to release a new incoming government brief.

The report will be released in early June 2016, and will inform public policy debate on defence, strategic policy and national security issues, and provide strategic policy advice to the incoming government following the election.

The report will be launched by respected Australian Financial Review journalist Laura Tingle, with comments from a panel of ASPI experts including, Peter Jennings, Executive Director. Malcolm Davis, Senior Analyst and Jacinta Carroll, Head - Counter Terrorism Policy Centre. 

Agenda for Change 2016 will comprise the following chapters, which are being prepared by a broad range of key thinkers in Australian strategic policy issues:

  • Strategic Policy
  • Defence Policy
  • National Security
  • Border security and the interface between national security and law enforcement
  • Economic Policy
  • Economic Security and Risk
  • New Security Domains – Cyber Security
  • The ‘New Security Agenda’ – Climate Change, Risk and Resilience
  • Oceans and Antarctic Policy
  • Foreign Policy and the Future Strategic Outlook
  • Defence Media Policy

This Event is now fully booked - we will be posting a video recording of event in due course.