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After Covid-19 (Part 2): National security in focus

Speakers John Coyne, Leanne Close, Marcus Hellyer and Tom Uren

How can Australia ensure our national security as we rebuild after Covid-19.

This webinar continues the conversation on ASPI’s latest publication ‘After Covid-19: Australia and the world rebuild (Volume 1)’, focusing on Australia’s national security. 

As Australia considers how to rebuild and reopen, co-editor and contributing author of the publication, John Coyne, talks with contributing authors Leanne Close, Head of ASPI’s Counter-terrorism Program, Marcus Hellyer, Senior Analyst with ASPI’s Defence, Strategy and National Security Program, and Tom Uren, Senior Analyst with the International Cyber Policy Centre, about Australia’s national security with a focus on organised crime, policing, supply chain resilience, and cybersecurity. How can Australia adapt to the 'new normal' and emerging security challenges to ensure the security of its citizens?

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John Coyne: ASPI’s Head of Strategic Policing and Law Enforcement. Head of the North and Australia’s Security, Co-Editor of ‘After Covid-19’, author of ‘Key terrain: Rethinking nation-building in northern Australia’, ‘Organised crime’.

Leanne Close: Head of ASPI’s Counter Terrorism Program, author of ‘Policing’.

Marcus Hellyer: ASPI Senior Analyst focusing on Defence economics and military capability, author of ‘Defence spending and the Australian Defence Force’, ‘Creating resilient supply chains’.

Tom Uren: ASPI Senior Analyst, ICPC, author of ‘Cybersecurity and critical infrastructure.


John Coyne

Dr John Coyne is Head of the Northern Australia Strategic Policy Centre and Head of Strategic Policing and Law Enforcement at ASPI.

Leanne Close

Leanne Close was the head of ASPI’s counter-terrorism program in 2020.

Marcus Hellyer

Marcus was a Senior Analyst focusing on Defence economics and military capability, leaving ASPI in 2023.

Tom Uren

Tom is a Senior Fellow at ASPI, formerly of the Department of Defence and CSIRO, and currently editor of the Seriously Risky Business cyber security newsletter.