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2nd ASPI-KINU 1.5 Track Strategic Dialogue

Speakers: ASPI-KINU

The 2nd KINU‐ASPI 1.5 Track Strategic Dialogue was held in Seoul on 26 August 2014. The first strategic dialogue took place in Canberra in April 2013. It discussed strategic issues of mutual concern to South Korea and Australia and identified practical steps for both countries to address these challenges. The April 2013 dialogue was mentioned in the Joint Statement of Republic of Korea‐Australia Foreign and Defence Ministers' 2+2 Meeting as an example of "increased dialogue between security research institutions in both countries." In continuation of the success of the first dialogue, the 2nd KINU‐ASPI 1.5 Track Strategic Dialogue was held under the theme "Promoting South Korea‐Australia Cooperation." Government officials and experts from both countries participated in this dialogue and had an in‐depth and productive discussion.

Topics discussed at the 2nd KINU‐ASPI 1.5 Track Strategic Dialogue included assessing the security order in the Asia‐Pacific by analysing the US‐China relationship as well as their respective Asia policies; South Korea's and Australia's policies toward North Korea, Japan, and China, in the context of the evolving security and economic regional order; security cooperation between South Korea and Australia; and means of addressing North Korea, including unification on the Korean Peninsula.