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Better Policy for Defence Professionals

This version of ASPI’s Better Policy program has been developed for Defence officials at either the SES or EL/APS levels. 

We also run variants covering Strategic policy (which examines policy from the viewpoint of Defence’s contribution to national security) and Administrative policy (which focuses on policy relating to Defence’s internal working).  Given the high degree of overlap, we do not recommend enrolling in both the ‘Strategy’ and ‘Administrative’ courses at this time.

The Better Policy program has two aims:

  • Understand the Australian system for defence policymaking.
  • Enhance policymaking skills in a Defence context.

Defence officials can nominate for a course via CAMPUS. If you would like to learn more about Better Policy, please email us.

The program itself consists  of a workbook, a practical seminar, a recall meeting (for APS/EL only) and a series of specially-commissioned video blogs. These blogs aim to add depth to the experience of the Better Policy program, and to highlight policymaking challenges in a Defence and some non-defence settings too – just to show that policymaking challenges are not unique.

We hope you enjoy the ASPI Better Policy video blogs and encourage you to view the clips that suit your interests;