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Wendy Bode

Wendy Bode

Deputy Principal, Global Tropics Future Project, Thuringowa State High School; External Contributor

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Wendy is the Deputy Principal at Thuringowa State High School.

Shaping the future of STEM education in Queensland requires creativity, innovation and adaptive leadership capabilities.  As Deputy Principal, these skills coupled with Wendy’s passion and drive, has enabled her to lead a unique, award-winning partnership between the Queensland Department of Education (DoE) and James Cook University (JCU) called the Global Tropics Future (GTF) Project.  Through transformational collaboration and innovation, the partnership is enriching student engagement and aspirations for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

The far expanses of North Queensland and the challenge created by distance is not an obstacle as like-minded students (Young Scholars) learn through a blended model of virtual and face-to-face experiences.  The Qld Virtual STEM Academy (NQ) is one component of the GTF project where students connect virtually and collaboratively explore their STEM interest and passion with others from different schools and STEM professionals beyond their local community.