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Dr Gatra Priyandita


Contact information

Contact information


Indonesian foreign policy, Southeast Asian security


Gatra Priyandita is an analyst at ASPI’s International Cyber Policy Centre, where he leads a project researching cyber-enabled IP theft.

Gatra is a political scientist by training, specializing in the study of foreign policy and security in Southeast Asia. Prior to joining ASPI, he did a PhD in Political Science at the Australian National University (ANU), where he studied Indonesia’s response to the rise of China since the end of the Cold War. He holds eight years of research experience, working extensively on projects studying Indonesian foreign policy, Southeast Asian security, and cybersecurity. He has fieldwork experience in China and across Southeast Asia.

Gatra is also currently a non-resident WSD-Handa fellow at the Pacific Forum, where he is continuing his study on Sino-Indonesian relations. He is also part of its Young Leaders’ program.

In addition to his PhD, Gatra also received a Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Security (Honours) from the ANU in 2014. Outside his native Indonesia, Gatra has lived in Austria, United States, China, and Australia.

Recent work