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Edwin James Mi Mi

Edwin James Mi Mi

Chief Cultural Ambassador, Bullroarers; Retired Warrant Officer Class 2, Royal Australian Infantry Corp, Australian Army; External Contributor

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Edwin James (Jim) Mi Mi is the Chief Cultural Ambassador of Bullroarers, and a Retired Warrant Officer Class 2 in the Royal Australian Infantry Corp, Australian Army.

Jim is a proud Indigenous Wakka Wakka man born and raised in Gayndah, QLD. Jim has spent his life proudly representing his community and country, first as a Warrant Officer Class Two in the Royal Australian Infantry Corp and then as a Community and Cultural Ambassador for a range of tier 1 organisations following his retirement from the military. Since leaving the ADF, Jim has worked with Bullroarers to execute some of Australia’s largest community and cultural projects, including serving as the lead Ambassador for early works, acting as the interface for clients and Traditional Owner Groups, identifying artifacts of cultural significance, conducting escort services and Landowner negotiations.

His connection to Bullroarers stems from his long-standing friendship with Neal, with both men serving together as part of Operation Solace, supporting the United Nations with humanitarian operations in Somalia. When Bullroarers was founded, Neal knew that it would be the perfect vehicle for Jim to share his passion for Indigenous Australian’s with clients.
Jim’s passion for support the Wakka Wakka community and Indigenous Australians endures through his development of Remote Indigenous Veteran Environmental Ranger programs, promoting and implementing Indigenous Engagement Strategies with local councils and clients and through his mentoring of emerging Indigenous leaders.