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Damar Juniarto

Co-founder and Advisor, Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network

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Damar Juniarto is a prominent human rights activist who is known for his work on digital rights and online freedom of expression in the Southeast Asia region. He is a co-founder and former Executive Director of Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network (SAFEnet). Now he served as the advisor at SAFEnet and Digital Reach, two regional digital rights organization in Southeast Asia. He is also an external consultant for Freedom Online Coalition (FOC) and Oversight Board (OSB).

Outside of his activities as a digital rights activist, he teaches Digital Politics classes at UPNVJ and leads the PIKAT Demokrasi (Hook to Democracy) research institute that focused on the use of AI and digital technology for democracy. In 2024, he was invited by UNSG to join the network of AI experts to AI Advisory Board (AIAB).

He went to study Sociology and Communication in University of Indonesia and later continue study Communication in University of Indonesia’ post-graduate school.

For his work, Damar has received many awards and honours. In 2023, The Indonesia Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Cultural Affairs awarded him the Anugerah Revolusi Mental 2023 for his passion to spread awareness on digital rights in the country. In 2022, an international nonprofit journalism organization Rest of the World has identified him as one of the 100 people outside the West whose efforts impact more people than anyone in Silicon Valley and put his name on 2022 RoW100 Global Tech’s Changemakers list. In 2021, he received the Anugerah Dewan Pers (Indonesia’ Press Council Award) for an individual who committed to promoting press freedom in Indonesia. In the same year he was also selected as Trust Conference Changemakers Program 2021 of the UK-based Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Apart from being a speaker at international, regional and national forums, he also often writes his opinions on New Media, Social Media, digital policies, online freedom of expression in various media, journals and books.