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Brigadier-General G. Michael Adamson

Brigadier-General G. Michael Adamson

Commander, 3 Canadian Space Division

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Brigadier-General G. Michael Adamson is the Commander of 3 Canadian Space Division.

BGen Adamson joined the Canadian Air Force in 1993 after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Affairs at Carleton University in Ottawa, ON. Upon receiving his Navigator’s Wings in 1995, he was posted to 405 Maritime Patrol Squadron in Greenwood, NS where he was employed as a CP-140(A) Nav/Com, Crew Commander, and Squadron Standards and Training Officer. In 2001 he was posted to 404 Maritime Patrol and Training Squadron where he served as an Instructor, Simulator Operator, Crew Commander, Standards Officer and Chief Aircrew Instructor.

Promoted to Major in 2004, BGen Adamson was transferred to National Defence Headquarters (NDHQ) in Ottawa as the Career Manager for Long Range Patrol Navigators. In 2007 he was selected to attend the Joint Command and Staff Course in Toronto, ON, returning to Ottawa upon completion to conduct an Occupation Review for the Air Navigator trade. In January 2009, he returned to 405 Long Range Patrol Squadron and was appointed Deputy Commanding Officer.

BGen Adamson returned to NDHQ in July of 2010, and worked as a Strategic Coordination Staff Officer for Chief of Force Development. During that period, he completed his Masters in Defence Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, ON, and was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel in January 2011. In September 2011, he deployed to Combined Maritime Forces Bahrain as Chief of the Air Coordination Element supporting Maritime Security and Counter-Piracy operations in the Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean.

In 2012 BGen Adamson was appointed Commanding Officer of 405 Long Range Patrol Squadron, overseeing the introduction of squadron first-line maintenance and unit conversion to the upgraded Block III CP-140M Aurora.

BGen Adamson returned to NDHQ in 2014 as Executive Assistant to the Vice Chief of the Defence Staff. Promoted to Colonel in 2015, BGen Adamson assumed duties with Chief of Force Development as Director C4ISR.

In 2017, BGen Adamson was extremely honoured and proud to culminate 15 years in the Annapolis Valley as Wing Commander of 14 Wing Greenwood.

In 2019, BGen Adamson was selected to attend the National Securities Program at Canadian Forces College in Toronto, and was promoted to his current rank in May 2020.

BGen Adamson assumed the role of Royal Canadian Air Force Director General Space and the Joint Force Space Component Commander in June 2020. In 2022, he became Commander of 3 Canadian Space Division (3 CSD) when Director General Space transitioned to 3 CSD.