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Bart Hogeveen

Deputy Director - Cyber, Technology & Security

Contact information

Contact information


Cyber warfare; cyber capacity building; technology diplomacy; crisis management


Bart Hogeveen is a Deputy Director for Cyber, Technology & Security at ASPI. In this role he oversees research, dialogues and projects relevant to Australia’s engagements on cyber and technology issues in the Indo-Pacific. Bart’s an expert on issues related to cyber issues pertaining to international peace and security, international aid and national security.

Bart initiated ASPI’s work on international rules, norms and standards in cyberspace. This includes close cooperation with member states of ASEAN as well as participation in the UN Open-ended Working Group on the implementation of norms, and strategizing Australia and partners’ involvement in standards-making processes.

Bart writes about national security and military cyber capabilities in the Indo-Pacific, practices of cyberwarfare and -espionage and initiatives to promote accountability and transparency.

Furthermore, Bart coordinates ASPI’s capacity building activities. This involves a portfolio of initiatives supporting States with establishing a strategic cybersecurity outlook, the development of national cybersecurity strategies and promoting governments’ cooperation with intellectual property-intensive companies. He’s member of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE), the global platform for cyber capacity building, and adviser to the GFCE’s Pacific Hub.

Before joining ASPI, Bart worked at the Netherlands’ Institute of International Relations ‘Clingendael’ and served with the Netherlands’s Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence with secondments to NATO and the EU.