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2007 - Coalition

2007 Coalition Defence Statement – Securing Australia: Skills for Australia’s Future Defence

The Coalition stated that it would establish two new Australian Defence Technical Colleges to provide high-quality Year 11 and 12 education for up to 400 young Australians looking to learn essential skills while working towards a career in the ADF or related defence industries. These colleges would be located in Adelaide and southeast Queensland, and would emphasise technical skill excellence.

Over three years, a re-elected Coalition pledged to create 2,200 Defence Skills Scholarships to support people undertaking cadetships, traineeships and work experience programmes with the ADF and defence industries. The $50 million initiative aimed to target school leavers and people in other industries looking to move into engineering and technical careers, and would be funded from existing Skilling Australia’s Defence Industry funds and new resources.

The Coalition stated it would invest more than $45 million over four years to improve the skills of ADF Reservists. They would be offered opportunities to gain new qualifications or build on existing trade qualifications, with training to be undertaken at approved registered training organisations or through the Australian Centre for Defence Skills.

It also committed more than $45 million over four years to establish an Australian Centre for Defence Skills. The Centre would be based in Canberra, Edinburgh and Amberley, bring together three key stakeholders—the ADF, DMO and defence industry—to identify future skills needs for the defence sector.  It would also be responsible for skill planning within the defence industry, and would partner with one or more universities to design, develop and deliver higher education and nationally accredited training.

At a cost of $20 million, a re-elected Coalition stated it would establish a Software Engineering Institute in South Australia. It would be operated by US-based Carnegie Mellon University, and in collaboration with Australian universities and industry, would deliver a programme of applied research related to defence capability.



2007 Coalition Foreign Affairs Statement – Australia: Strong, Prosperous and Secure

The Coalition stated that it would keep Australia ‘strong, secure and united’ and engaged with the world. To do so, it committed to ensuring threats to national security were met before they reached Australian shores. It recognised Australia’s responsibility for ensuring order and security in the immediate neighbourhood and viewed Australia’s unity as a strategic asset to be reinforced.

The Coalition said it would seek cooperation with other nations based on the values of mutual respect and tolerance. Strengthening bilateral relationships in Asia was to be a key part of the Coalition’s foreign policy. Continuing to pursue free trade agreement in Asia was also to be a core policy.



2007 Coalition Foreign Affairs Statement: Our Indian Ocean Territories

The Coalition stated that a second-term Howard Coalition government would secure a greater degree of economic self-sufficiency for Christmas Island and the Cocos Islands. It would also continue measures to streamline the administration of the Indian Ocean Territories and pursue the incorporation of the Ashmore and Cartier Islands into the Northern Territory before or at the time of statehood.

The Coalition also committed to work with the local community and business interests to reopen the Christmas Island Resort and to ensure that the systems of governance and service delivery in the Territories meet community needs.



2007 Coalition Foreign Affairs Statement – Our Pacific Territories

A re-elected Coalition committed to continue measures to appropriately streamline the administration of the Jervis Bay Territory and Commonwealth-retained functions of Norfolk Island. It also stated it would continue to support funding for the restoration and maintenance of Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area.


Updated: 26 Jul 2018