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The ASPI Election Policy Library

The ASPI Election Policy Library is a summary of Australian federal election policies and statements on defence, foreign affairs and national security issues by the Australian Liberal–National Coalition and the Australian Labor Party from 1998 to 2013.

This collection of summaries were produced for the purpose of providing a brief overview of specific election statements and policy commitments made by Australia’s two major parties on national security issues from 1998 to 2013.

This was undertaken by four individuals over several months who read, summarised and reviewed these documents to extract the key points. This collection also includes the primary documents.

All attempts have been made to identify and locate significant documents, however due to the passage of time and access there may be some documents that have not been included. See the methodology for more detail of the production process.

These summaries do not contain analysis and are intended to be non-partisan. They serve to provide the reader with an easily assessable resource and concise understanding of the information contained therein.

This collection will serve as a living collection, which will be updated as new documents become available and are identified.

Updated: 25 Jul 2018